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About IBEC

 In the most anticipated, the first “International TV Broadcast Equipment and Content Exhibition Taipei” has the grand opening on August 22nd, 2008. The opening of IBEC has considerable significance, because it opens up the only broadcasting exhibition for Taiwan broadcasting industry, the most important thing is to let the users observe more broadcasting equipments just in one exhibition in order to look for their ideal facilities and equipments .


Grateful for the support from the previous IBEC exhibitors, let IBEC 2008 and 2009 exhibitions concluded successfully and, therefore,” TV Broadcast Equipment and Content Exhibition” in Taiwan is officially being more familiar with broadcast industry; we believe the exhibitors’ support has rendered the expected results. IBEC has become Taiwan's TV Broadcast Equipment and Content annual Conference; therefore, IBEC 2010 is also recently launched to be held on September 24 and 25, 2010.


 In an era of economic recession, it needs the large exhibition to help the buying power, exhibition is actually building a face to face communication and trading platform between manufacturers and consumers, and also help manufacturers develop business opportunities for the best chance, the so-called “money to spend where it is needed to ". 


The exhibition is organized by “Association of the Video and Communication Enterprises of Taiwan", "DVworld Co., Ltd ", and "Digi Asia magazine". We gather the broadcasting industry, associations, online media and graphic media to IBEC trade show, IBEC is actually gathers the customers for the manufacturers to expand their business opportunities. In the past two years, IBEC attracted thousands of visitors to the exhibition from television station accounted for 24% , video production and personal Studio accounted for 31%, system integrators accounted for 15%, other school organizations 30%. IBEC can be said the most worth of investment, we think the clever entrepreneurs never miss out on this opportunity.


We plan a different trade show style from the others; we focus on product positioning and invitees have the characteristics of professional users. Taking the high class exhibition style, highlight the product's value; so that the participants are having VIP treatment for all, we plan a luxury area with tables, chairs and beverages with coffee, creating a comfortable place for exhibitor and visitor. This is a distinctive and unique intellectual event.

IBEC is a broadcasting’s annual Conference, we look forward to the participation of industry join the festivities together, to work together to create Taiwan's broadcasting equipment and a new era program.



What is at IBEC

l   the world's major brands of HD/3D video camera

l   the world's major brands of HD/3D NLE

l   Studio, virtual studio related equipment

l   HD/SD mobile studio

l   SD / HD digital TV production and broadcasting equipment

l   Camera-related peripheral equipment

l   HD/3D display and related broadcasting equipment

l   3D film and animation content

l   Fine HD content

l   Creative teaching video

 Ideal of IBEC Exhibition

Creative Content Production

In the digital era of multimedia broadcasting, in addition to the television network and the rise of mobile video brought about a variety of digital content, from video cameras, recorders, video switcher, NLE, media asset…etc. Both SD and HD are going fully tapeless. How do users face their future production and broadcasting to the new environment will be an important subject. The latest popular topic 3D video and development, is also concerned by IBEC 2010. 在數位多媒體傳播的時代中,除了電視外網路及行動視訊的崛起帶動了數位內容的多樣化,從攝影機、錄影機、導播機、後製設備、媒資管理、頻道播放等,無論是 SD HD 將走向全面無帶化,用戶如何因應未來製播新環境將是一項重要課題。

Exhibitors will present the latest products and best strategies and solutions in IBEC 2010, we also will propose an amendment to the above question and invite relevant experts to explain in the seminars. IBEC is trying the best to put the effort on our broadcasting industry and looking forward to seeing the great growth of out exhibitors.

Style of IBEC Exhibition 

 We are planning the exhibition to be different from the big exhibitions in other countries, we focus on product positioning and invitees have the professional user. Going high-end exhibition and in-depth exhibition style, highlighting the product's value, so that the participants are VIP treatment for all, we set up a public meeting area, offer nice tables, chairs and fine tea and coffee for participants who visit without pressure, seeing exhibition is also a kind of enjoyment. We also arrange for many professional seminars which are talking about the hottest topics in the market, and this idea will attract more visitors to IBEC.

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